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Air Compressor for PET Bottles: VITO Model

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VIDEO VITO il nuovo compressore per il soffiaggio di bottiglie in PET


Air Compressor for PET Bottles: VITO Model

SIAD Macchine Impianti is significantly involved in the market with VITO, an innovative range of oil-free air compression lines for blowing PET and PLA bottles.

The detailed development and rigorous tests of the project has led to impressive results: the numerous VITO compressors already installed and operating for years in all the continents of the world, fully satisfy the Customers' expectations in terms of: maximum reliability, energy efficiency - which also translates into a reduction in the cost of compressed air- a compact and ergonomic design plus less environmental impact.

The reliability which has distinguished SIAD MI for years has allowed it to become a notable partner of client companies through the development of geniune and profitable business synergies.

Eco-friendly compressor

  • Spray-painted without solvents
  • reduced environmental impact
  • reduced weight and volume
  • reduced specific energy consumption
  • reduced emissions of CO2
  • solar panels
  • web manuals

International standards

  • air quality in compliance with ISO8573


  • Frequency variator to regulate the air flow to suit the requirements of the blowers and to increase energy efficiency.
  • Control panel for the simultaneous control of multiple compressed air lines.
  • Air re-injection system to optimize energy consumption.
  • Soundproofed cab with compact design ensuring easy access for maintenance.


Model Capacity  Installed power Speed
VITO420 420 m³/h FAD 247 cfm 75 kW 102 HP 410 rpm
VITO550 550 m³/h FAD 324 cfm 90 kW 122 HP 530 rpm
VITO690 690 m³/h FAD 406 cfm 110 kW 149 HP 650 rpm
VITO820 820 m³/h FAD 482 cfm 132 kW 179 HP 770 rpm
VITO970 970 m³/h FAD 570 cfm 160 kW 217 HP 890 rpm
VITO1210 1.210 m³/h FAD 712 cfm 200 kW 272 HP 470 rpm
VITO1330 1.330 m³/h FAD 783 cfm 220 kW 299 HP 520 rpm
VITO1520 1.520 m³/h FAD 895 cfm 250 kW 340 HP 590 rpm
VITO1720 1.720 m³/h FAD 1.010 cfm 280 kW 380 HP 670 rpm
VITO1920 1.920 m³/h FAD 1.130 cfm 315 kW 428 HP 750 rpm

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