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Air Compressor for PET Bottles: VITO Model

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VIDEO VITO il nuovo compressore per il soffiaggio di bottiglie in PET


VITO: the “smart” compressor for blow molding PET and PLA bottles

VITO is an innovative range of oil-free air compressors for blowing PET and PLA bottles with high energy efficiency. Since its launch on the market, in fact, VITO has marked the beginning of a "new era" in the world of air compression for blow molding machines; a qualitative leap offering greater efficiency and reliability together with a significant reduction in energy costs.

The objective is the optimal management of the TCO - Total Cost of Ownership - thanks to an advanced design that allows the best possible management of the activities related to the compressor throughout its life span.

The VITO high pressure (42 bar) range is available with a wide range of flow rates from 100 m³/h  (59 cfm) to 6,000 m³/h  (3,534 cfm). The VITO LP low-pressure range (as little as 15 bar) is instead available in flow rates from 600 m³/h  (353 cfm) to 2,100 m³/h  (1,237 cfm).

The whole VITO range supplies completely oil-free compressed air, complying with "ISO 8573" air quality standards and is used in the following sectors: Food&Beverage, Cosmetics, Chemical and Pharmaceutical.


The advantages of the range are :

  • Efficiency: the lowest specific consumption
  • Safety and reliability: 8,000 hours of continuous operation
  • Flexibility: modularity
  • International Construction Standards: supplied world-wide
  • Low maintenance costs: operating and maintenance ergonomics
  • Sustainability: reduction in weight and volume Eco-friendly.
  • Air quality in compliance with ISO 8573

The complete supply of the compression range includes: air treatment skid, compressor skid, control panel, cooling system and outlet filtering unit. It is also possible to request a partial supply.


Energy saving

Here are our options:

  • VSD (Variable Speed Drive): speed variation system
  • 0 – 50 – 100 %: flow rate modulation
  • Energy Saving Pack
  • Compressed air recovery
  • Heat recovery

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