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Compressor Energy Management

Compressor Energy Management, a system designed by SIAD Macchine Impianti’s Global Service Division for the advanced management of compressors, is the most innovative solution available to our customers for keeping the values of the machinery high and ensuring maximum production efficiency.

This service is not limited to an analysis of the individual parts, but provides for complete study of the machine and the entire installation. In fact, the Global Service Division can provide highly articulated solutions to improve overall efficiency, choosing the most suitable solutions each time.

It is an established process which, after the initial analysis and data study phases, enables the Global Service Division to propose changes and updates with a clearly measurable impact: after installation of the chosen components the improvement obtained is instrumentally checked.

This is the real strength of CEM: certified energy improvement.

The machinery in service can take advantage of the wide variety of solutions offered by this innovative concept: CEM provides all the tools necessary to increase machine efficiency, improve reliability and reduce power consumption, a key issues of production efficiency.

The Energy Saving Pack is one of the solutions proposed by the Global Service Division.

Using less energy and polluting less reduces the costs and expenses arising from environmental protection. Therefore the energy used is in relation to the work done.

For example, a compressor equipped with the Energy Saving Pack requires only the energy needed for the programmed cycle: different processes, with lower or higher pressure, standby phases or low-intensity cycles alternating with moments of high work load are managed by this innovative tool, supplying the machine with the power required for the work in progress.


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