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Roboteco and Italargon: a strong alliance gives rise to the new Italian hub for automatic and robot welding

15 May 2017

A new agreement between Roboteco S.p.A. and SIAD Macchine Impianti S.p.A. will be announced during the opening of the new edition of Fiera Lamiera in Milan.

This grouping is a landmark in the history of automatic and robot welding in our country and stems from similar paths that have led the companies to become leaders in the industry.

Operating in Italy and the world for more than 60 years, Italargon is the SIAD Macchine Impianti Division dedicated to the design, manufacture and maintenance of welding, cutting and handling systems, and the turnkey supply of complete automated production lines, automatic and semiautomatic plants and robotic cells.

Founded in 1988 as a Division of the Milan-based Salteco Group, thanks to the cooperation with PANASONIC since 1991, Roboteco gradually established itself in the Automotive and General Industry sectors.

Over the years it has specialized in promoting the integration of the Japanese TAWERS technology in its plants: a revolutionary model that unites the robot and welding machine, now used worldwide.

According to this new agreement, the three premises in Pioltello (MI), Ceranesi (GE) and Curno (BG) will remain operational, thus ensuring the continuity and usual efficiency of the before and after sales service.

This strong alliance makes it possible to offer all present and future customers the combined advantage of a long-standing tradition, optimum design-integration-support capabilities and recognized expertise in welding processes, thereby creating an absolute reference hub for the industry.




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