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Reciprocating compressors for hydrogen

SIAD Macchine Impianti’s hydrogen compressors are reciprocating compressors which compress hydrogen or hydrogen-rich mixtures for all types of applications that require the use of this gas under pressure and with any degree of purity.We have a proven track record in this sector: among the thousands of SIAD MI’s compressors for different types of gases and mixtures installed throughout the world, hydrogen compressors represent the majority.

Designed and built in accordance with the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC and other applicable standards (including: API 618 standard for installations in refinery or petrochemical plants, or to SAE standards J2601 and J2719 for installations at filling stations) our hydrogen compressors are typically equipped with specific features such as a long double  compartment distance piece ("type C" according to the definition of the API618 standard), plus rod packing seals with a gas recovery system and with rods specially treated in order to avoid hydrogen embrittlement.

The distance piece compartments are flushed with inert gas (nitrogen), as is the crankcase; in addition, materials in contact with hydrogen are specifically designed and selected, in particular flanges, gaskets and seals, as well as valves. With its low molecular weight, hydrogen requires great attention to the design of the seals, valves and cylinders, which are designed according to the operating pressure.

Currently, one of the most important among the various uses of hydrogen compressors in industrial processes, is that intended for refineries for which large flow rates are required at pressures between 70 and 100 bar for the desulphurization of petroleum products. In recent years, hydrogen has also seen considerable growth in its use in other applications, from steel mills, to the energy sector (also in mixing with methane gas) to storage and distribution under pressure. It also has significant use as a fuel for vehicles operated by fuel cells which need oil-free compression of hydrogen at very high pressures. SIAD MI is able to satisfy all these needs.

Thanks to the volumes which can be handled by SIAD MI compressors, the space required in the plant is less than that which would be needed with the use of other technologies which would involve a greater number of machines to meet the required flow rates. This results in significant reductions in terms of consumption and maintenance costs.

Depending on its source of origin, hydrogen can be dry or humid ("wet", in this case as a gas saturated with water vapor, or as a mixture containing other heavier gases). For wet applications, SIAD MI's offer includes compressors with both vertical and horizontal configurations, engineered according to the specific requirements of the project. One of the main sectors in which compressors for wet hydrogen service are used is that of "green hydrogen": in this case, hydrogen is produced by the electrolysis of water.

Furthermore our hydrogen compressors are highly flexible being able to work under the various conditions required by industrial processes and they can also guarantee continuous operation, without any maintenance downtime up to 16,000 running hours.

Download the Brochure on "API 618 Reciprocating Compressors for Hydrogen"

Download the Brochure on "API 618 Reciprocating Compressors for Feed Gas, Tail Gas and Product Hydrogen for PSA Hydrogen production Plants"