Welding robot and automatic plants for welding and cutting

Welding robot and automatic plants for welding and cutting

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Welding robot and automatic plants for welding and cutting

Optimized automation for welding, cuttling and handling

The Italargon Division is the SIAD Macchine Impianti division dedicated to the design, implementation and maintenance of welding, cutting and handling systems, in the supply of completely automated production lines, and turnkey automatic and semi-automatic plants and robotized cells.

A seamless work-flow engages researchers, engineers, software engineers and assembly personnel in the ongoing work to optimize automation. In fact, what characterizes the work of the Italargon Division in each of the phases is a commitment to apply expertise according to new and increasingly stringent market demands, for effi cient and sustainable operation of the plant, not only in terms of reduced consumption and minimal impact, but also, and above all, consistent performance over time. Italargon Division presides over the entire production process: from the preliminary design analysis to installation, and can count on previous experience from technological innovation.

Welding specialists

SIAD Macchine Impianti’s Italargon Division constantly invests in R&D to maintain the high level of the technological solutions offered. In fact, it has a welding laboratory equipped with four workstations and the main conventional and latest-generation welding processes. In addition, the experience of EWT certified technicians ensures optimum welding according to customer requirements.

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Metalworking machines.

Certifications (Russia)
CR TU standard package (Russia)
CR TU process package (Russia)

Code stamp (in-house):

European Directives:
CE- Low voltage
CE-Electromagnetic Compatibility

Engineering Standard

The Italargon Division’s plant are a result of methodical and rigorous analysis and a highly customized synthesis, based on know-how and specific expertise. The development of advanced process solutions starts from a careful feasibility study followed by a work-fl ow with the highest level of engineering:



  • Feasibility studies for a preliminary assessment with the latest-generation software;
  • Development of custom-built jigs
  • Specific welding software
  • Off-line programming
  • Development of sophisticated systems for joint detection and tracking
  • Laboratory tests for the definition of the most suitable welding process
  • Aerospace
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Water treatment and transmission
  • Metal furnishing
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Chemical
  • Civil Construction
  • Domestic Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Energy & Power Generation
  • Petrochemical
  • Refinery
  • Transportation Machinery
  • Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
  • Welding & Metal Fabrication

SIAD Macchine Impianti offers a wide range of solutions and can satisfy your requirements with products and services that respond to your specific needs.

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