SIAD Engineering Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Established in 1998 as a representative office and converted in 2008 to a trading company, SIAD Engineering Trading (Shanghai) is the international trading company of SIAD in China for SIAD Engineering (Hangzhou) and SIAD Macchine Impianti for compressors and ASUs. It is also a Certified Service Centre to provide service and spare parts for the compression systems supplied to Chinese customers.

SIAD Engineering (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Established in 2012, SIAD Engineering (Hangzhou) specializes in the design, engineering and manufacture of ASUs, but also engineers and manufactures reciprocating API 618 and PET compressors and CO2 plants for sale to Chinese customers.

The SIAD Group and SIAD Macchine Impianti
Founded in Bergamo in 1927 and among the main European industrial groups, the SIAD Group is active in the following sectors: Technical gases; Engineering; Healthcare; LPG and Natural Gas.

The Engineering sector is headed by SIAD Macchine Impianti S.p.A (SIAD MI). This company had an international outlook from its outset: SIAD MI is a world leader in the production of Compressors, Air Separation Units and Natural Gas Liquefiers as well as a point of reference in various sectors: Energy, Petrochemical, Chemical, Food, Refinery, etc.

The international presence of SIAD Macchine Impianti is fully endorsed by the extensive network of Agents and Certified Service Centres that cover the entire world, as well as by its own companies in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Russia, Spain and the UAE.

Air Separation Units for the production of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon
Range of Air Separation Units
 Gases  Production of liquid and/or gas Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon through cryogenic process using tray or packing technologies

 Oxygen  up to 90 000 Nm3/h (about 3 080 TPD)
 Nitrogen  up to 270 000 Nm3/h (about 8 100 TPD)
 Argon  recovery 92%

 Oxygen  99.95 % (O2) and beyond
 Nitrogen  less than 1 ppm (O2)
 Argon  less than 1 ppm (O2)

Small Scale LNG for the production of liquid natural gas: the SMART LNG plant range
«SMART LNG» Plant Type Nm3/h TPD Kg/h
 SMART LIN-LNG - Liquefaction frigories from Liquid Nitrogen (LIN)
 50 - 280
 1 - 5
 40 - 208
 SMART DCE-LNG - Direct compression, cooling, expansion and liquefaction of methane
 280 - 560
 5 - 10
 210 - 415
 SMART TB-LNG - Plants with nitrogen closed loop including expansion turbine and booster
 560 - 33600
 10 - 600
 415 - 25000

Reciprocating Compressors for process gases and air
Reciprocating Compressors for process gases and air
 Compression stages  1/2/3/4/5/6
 Maximum suction volume  90000 m3/h (37950 acfm)
 Maximum power  8700 kW (11850 HP)
 Maximum delivery pressure  600 bar (a) (8700 psig a)
 Cylinder arrangement  vertical, V, W, horizontal
 Crankshaft speed  From 300 up to 1500 rpm

Type of Gas Examples
 Comburent  Nitrous oxide - Oxygen
 Corrosive  Carbon dioxide
 Flammable  Acetylene - Butane - Ethane - Ethylene -Hydrocarbons - Hydrogen - Methane - Propylene
 Inert  Air - Argon - Freon - Helium - Nitrogen
 Toxic  Ammonia – Carbon monoxide

Reciprocating Compressors for process gases and air

Oil-free reciprocating compressors High pressure Low pressure
 Compression stages  3  2
 Maximum suction volume  6000 m3/h  2100 m3/h
 Maximum power  900 kW  220 kW
 Maximum delivery pressure  42 bar (a)  16 bar (a)
 Cylinder arrangement  vertical, V, W, horizontal  vertical

Global Service

Global presence
Thanks to a worldwide network of owned and certified Service Centres, SIAD MI guarantee a rapid intervention to support your compressors and plants across all five continents.

Highly specialized technicians
More than 100 certified technicians ensure the highest quality service assistance to customers throughout the world.

Constant updating and advanced technology
SIAD MI technical staff periodically train the Service Centres through dedicated training courses which include the award of specific certifications. Thanks to the latest generation of tools, the Service Centres ensure advanced, timely and efficient assistance.

Continuous assistance
SIAD MI 24/7 Global Assistance is the service that operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year, dedicated to managing the requests from SIAD MI’s customers worldwide.


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