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Mobile High Pressure Air Compression System

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Mobile High Pressure Air Compression System

Thanks to SIAD Macchine Impianti’s many decades of experience, this complete range of mobile compressors efficiently and safely resolves the problem of supplying power to the valves for all external uses where fixed compression systems are not an option. This reduces production costs and ensures increased efficiency and durability for all the system’s components.

The Mobile High Pressure Air Compression System has a compact structure, ergonomic in its operating logic and features an optimized design for easy maintenance: it is portable and also unfailingly efficient, thanks to its diesel or gas-powered internal generator which guarantees its full autonomy.

Efficient anywhere: the compressor can generate the volume of high pressure dry air necessary to reliably ensure the system’s efficient life and performance.
Safe: being oil-free, it simultaneously guarantees both air purity and safety.
User-friendly: an easily legible LCD panel comfortably and precisely controls the machine.
Ergonomic: designed to offer maximum ergonomic ease in both maintenance and operation, suitable for transportation on 20/40 foot trucks.
Power: equipped with an internal diesel or gas-powered generator ensuring running autonomy of at least 4 hours.

Technical characteristics
The Mobile High Pressure Air Compression System is an autonomous dry air compression system, comprising:

  • Pre-filtration unit
  • Compressor unit
  • Air drying unit
  • Control via PLC
  • Internal diesel or gas generator

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