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SIAD Macchine Impianti: the nitrogen compressor supplied to Technip Energies Italy for the Assiut Hydrocracking Complex has been completed

SIAD Macchine Impianti (SIAD MI) has recently completed the construction of a horizontal nitrogen compressor, model HDS2-1 supplied to Technip Energies Italy spa, a leading engineering company in the design and construction of large industrial plants in the Oil & Gas sector.

The compressor, which has successfully passed the test and inspection phases at the SIAD MI factory, is destined for a new hydrocracking unit at the Assiut National Oil Processing Company (ANOPC) in central Egypt. This plant will enable the supply of high-grade oil products, minimizing atmospheric emissions and maximizing the production of LPG, high-octane naphtha, low-sulfur diesel and aviation fuels. The new refinery therefore aims to reduce the ecological impact of hydrocarbon refining processes while maintaining high production standards. Characterized by a strong green approach, through the supply of low environmental impact and high energy efficiency solutions, SIAD MI has proved to be the ideal partner for this ambitious project.

In this project, the nitrogen compressor will be used for gas circulation not only within the hydrocracking unit but also between the desulfurization section, the catalytic reforming unit and the HPU (Hydrogen Plant Unit).

Like all the compressors in the SIAD MI range, the nitrogen compressors are also customized on the basis of process data and technical specifications provided by the customer: in this case SIAD MI designed a special single-stage compressor with two horizontal cylinders in oil-free configuration, model HDS2-1. Powered by a 760 kW motor, the machine is characterized by its size and significant moving masses. This fact, dictated by the specific requirements of the production process, made it preferable to install the horizontal compressor not on a pre-assembled metal base, but directly onto a concrete foundation. In addition, the critical components in contact with nitrogen such as piston rings and seals have been carefully selected to allow the compressor to operate in maximum safety, minimizing maintenance interventions.

SIAD MI has always been committed to guaranteeing the customer an optimal experience and timely assistance at every stage of the project: for this reason, our engineers followed not only the compressor’s construction and delivery phases but they will also supervise its installation within the new plant.