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On-site plants for the Industrial Gases industry

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These plants, typically used for onsite nitrogen production, offer multiple benefits to companies in the industrial gas industry.


Impianti azoto_Impianti on-site per l’industria dei Gas Tecnici


Highly efficient, as characterized by low energy consumption and low OPEX, they cover different sizes (from 350 Nm3/h to 2000 Nm3/h of nitrogen gas):

Modello Azoto gassoso Nm3/h
GN 350 350
GN 500 500
GN 600 600
GN 700 700
GN 800 800
GN 900 900
GN 1.000 1.000
GN 1.200 1.200
GN 1.400 1.400
GN 1.600 1.600
GN 1.800 1.800
GN 2.000 2.000


Consisting of modular units that facilitate installation and start-up operations, they are highly flexible plants.
SIAD MI offers the customer prompt technical assistance, which is necessary to complete the installation of the unit optimally and ensure careful supervision during installation, commissioning, start-up and testing of the plant.