Oil-free piston air compressors for blow molding PET and PLA bottles

Oil-free piston air compressors for blow molding PET and PLA bottles

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VIDEO VITO - il nuovo compressore per il soffiaggio di bottiglie in PET


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Oil-free piston air compressors for blow molding PET and PLA bottles


VITO: the “smart” compressor for blow molding PET and PLA bottles

VITO is an advanced range of oil-free air compression units for blowing PET and PLA bottles with high energy efficiency. Since its launch on the market, VITO established the beginning of a "new era" in the world of air compression for blow molding machines; a qualitative leap offering greater efficiency and reliability together with a reduction in energy costs. The objective was the optimal management of the TCO - Total Cost of Ownership - thanks to a sophisticated design that allows the best possible management of all the activities relating to the compressor throughout its life span. The VITO high-pressure range (42 bar) is available with a wide range of flow rates from 100 m3/h (59 cfm) to 6,000 m3/h (3,534 cfm). The VITO LP low-pressure range (as little as 15 bar) is instead available with flow rates from 600 m3/h (353 cfm) to 2,100 m3/h (1,237 cfm).

In order to meet all customer requirements, the VITO range is flanked by the TEMPO2 line and by the Screw + Booster piston compressor line, the BS Line.


 SIAD MI range of oil-free air compressors for blow molding PET bottles

 Stages  3  3
 Maximum suction volume   6 000 m3/h  3 534 acfm
 Maximum installed power  900 kW  1 225 HP
 Maximum delivery pressure   42 bar (a)  610 psi (a)
 Compressor configuration

Reciprocating compressor with "V" cylinders (VITO range)

Reciprocating compressor with "W" cylinders (TEMPO range)

Screw + booster reciprocating compressor with vertical or “V” cylinders (BS range)


All these compressor ranges manufactured by SIAD Macchine Impianti (SIAD MI) supply completely oil-free compressed air, in compliance with the ISO 8573 air quality standard.

The advantages of the SIAD MI ranges are as follows:

  • Efficiency: the lowest specific consumption
  • Safety and reliability: 8,000 hours of continuous operation before maintenance
  • Flexibility: modularity
  • International Construction Standards: supplied worldwide
  • Low maintenance costs: operating and maintenance ergonomics
  • Sustainability: Eco-friendly, reduction in weight and volume
  • Air quality in compliance with ISO 8573

The complete supply of a compression line includes: air treatment skid, compressor skid, control panel, cooling system and outlet filtering unit. It is also possible to order specific components from this list.

Energy saving

Here are our options:

  • VSD (Variable Speed Driver): speed variation system
  • 0 – 50 – 100 %: flow rate modulation
  • Energy Saving Pack
  • Compressed air recovery
  • Heat recovery
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In addition to complying with all applicable regulations in the food sector, SIAD Macchine Impianti air compressors are designed and manufactured in accordance with all applicable standards and directives.

Codes applicable to the design and construction of pressurized containers:

AD 2000
BS 5500
EN 13445    
EN 13458 


ASME “U” stamp

Russian Certifications:

CR TU standard package (Russia)
CR TU process package (Russia)

European directives:

EC-Low voltage
EC-Electromagnetic compatibility elettromagnetica

Design standards:


The expertise of SIAD Macchine Impianti directed at energy saving: the Energy Saving Pack for optimizing consumption

It is essential to know in detail the actual use of the compressors in order to study and define the most efficient working method for the system. For this purpose, SIAD Macchine Impianti (SIAD MI) offers the "Energy Saving Pack" which involves an analysis of the operation of the air compressors at the customers' premises, with a detailed analysis of the energy consumption : this is then followed by a specific proposal for the installation of a control panel, or of a control panel plus a VSD. The main control panel manages up to 8 compressors simultaneously. The panel constantly calculates the total compressed air flow rate and the consumption of the electricity and therefore enables it in real time to adapt the compressors’ performance to the required changes.


  • Energy saving and flexibility with respect to different volumes of bottles in production
  • Increased air flow rate with the same energy consumption
  • Easy system management
  • Greater reliability– less wear thanks to less "idle" operation
  • Less maintenance - reduction of production costs
  • Guaranteed optimum use of all the compressors installed.

Compressed air recovery

This system allows the recovery of compressed air from the blow molder, with a consequent reduction in energy consumption for compression. For its customers, SIAD MI handles both the feasibility analysis and the implementation of this solution, which can be easily applied to compressors already installed.

Heat recovery

The thermal energy produced by a SIAD MI compressor can be recovered for different purposes at the customer's plant (eg : heating and auxiliary systems). In this situation too, SIAD MI handles both the feasibility analysis and the implementation of this solution for its customers. Depending on the model, the solution allows a recovery of between 30% and 80% of the thermal power of the compressor, plus providing a supply of water at temperatures of up to 90°C.

SIAD Macchine Impianti I has been operating in the food and beverage industry for many years and is fully conversant with all regulatory requirements for preventing contamination from oils and toxic substances. It has thus succeeded in developing compressors with standard features capable of supplying oil-free high-pressure air for the blow molding of PET and PLA bottles and containers, which are also used in the following sectors: Cosmetic, Chemical and Pharmaceutical.

SIAD Macchine Impianti offers a wide range of solutions for oil-free compressed air which satisfy all the needs of its customers with products and services that meet their specific requirements. If you are interested in receiving an offer for PET compressors, please send an email to: siadmi_compr@siad.eu