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The plant engineering market in the gas sector seeks organizational and production conditions aimed at meeting various commercial needs. Solutions that can combine dimensional efficiency, technical reliability, and economic opportunity to respond to flexible gas use in terms of demand: from this scenario comes Smart Liquid 2.0. (SL 2.0) is a small liquid oxygen and nitrogen production plant installable in only 15 days, and is the answer to gas companies’ needs of flexibility and efficiency. Its high operating versatility allows the production of LOX and LIN to be varied with respect to design, to meet the changing demands for the product.

The new ASU range, designed in a modular form with 4 gears for each production size (5 sizes are available, with total product output ranging from 30 to 190 tons per day), ensures maximum operational and energy efficiency thanks to an optimized process and latest-generation machinery.


  • High purity oxygen (99.6%) and nitrogen (99.999%);
  • An energy saving of at least 10%;
  • Complete assembly in just 15 days;
  • 5 main modules mounted on skids;
  • Fully automated system for easy, reliable and unattended management;
  • Compact design for simplified maintenance;
  • The optimum CAPEX and OPEX compromise for the lowest overall product cost
Impianti merchant_Smart Liquid plant
Impianti merchant_Smart Liquid plant


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